Welcome Cannabis teams up with Swim Drink Fish and Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

Our goal is to raise $1000 ($500 per beach) to sponsor two local beaches – Cherry Beach in Toronto and Beachway Park in Burlington – on the SwimGuide app.

Welcome Cannabis will match all donations (up to $1000) and all donors will receive an online coupon code for 10% off their next purchase from Welcome Cannabis.

Just click your beach of choice to donate (you will receive a tax receipt).

Welcome Cannabis and Swim Drink Fish share a core belief that the more we connect with nature, the more we appreciate its value and the better we will care for our environment. 

The SwimGuide app is one of the Swim Drink Fish programs to help get us to the water’s edge by reporting beach and water quality information in an accessible and engaging manner.

Download the SwimGuide app to monitor beach and marine water quality and enjoy nature while supporting clean waters for safe swimming, drinking, and fishing.

You’ll definitely find us sessioning cannabis and nature at both Cherry Beach, Toronto and Beachway Park, Burlington. We kite board, paddle board, surf and swim in these waters, and we walk, bike, watch the sunrise, smoke cannabis and outdoor cook on these shores. These are blessings we feel responsible to help protect.

Cherry Beaches holds a rich counterculture history and transformation into one of Toronto’s cleanest and most widely used beaches.

Beachway Park, at the westernmost tip of Lake Ontario, is a unique sand-dune formation at the edge of Hamilton Harbour. It’s a beautiful beach with a well travelled and historic lakeshore trail great for walking and rolling. This beach can get some awesome wave action with a northeast wind.

We are so grateful to enjoy the swimmable, drinkable, fishable waters of the Great Lakes.

Impactful fact: the Great Lakes contain 21% of the world’s surface fresh water by volume.[1]

Welcome Cannabis and Swim Drink Fish also share in community based values. Swim Drink Fish takes a powerful approach using citizen science and communications technology to engage and inspire people to know and safeguard our local waters. Volunteers are out there taking water samples and cleaning beaches. Swim Drink Fish is making water protection projects happen and getting accurate timely information out to the community so we can enjoy the blessings of clean water. It is their mission to achieve swimmable, drinkable, fishable water for everyone.

“We’re here to help people protect the waters they love. Thirty years in this field have shown me that people will do everything they can to protect water, if they have the tools they need and a community to support them.”

Mark Mattson, Co-founder, Swim Drink Fish 

Swim Drink Fish is also The Lake Ontario Waterkeepers, which is part of the global Waterkeepers Alliance. Waterkeepers all over the world are leading water protection efforts needed to protect swimmable, drinkable, fishable waters.

Water is paramount to cannabis. The cannabis industry has a substantial water impact through irrigation and runoff, which can contain contaminants such as fertilizer, and can cause harm to water quality and ecosystems. With our commitment to being a positive impact on our industry and community, Welcome Cannabis is proud to be supporting the Swim Drink Fish and SwimGuide mission. Any contributions from our community would be greatly appreciated.