Arts & Environmental Strategy

Welcome Cannabis is committed to caring for our environment and our community. A purpose rooted in respect for the past, intention to achieve impact in the current reality and long-term strategy for the future.

Supporting culture, the arts and the environment in our community

As our customers support us with their business, Welcome Cannabis returns this loyalty by contributing a minimum 2% of all proceeds from our customers to the Welcome Cannabis Art & Environmental Fund. Welcome Cannabis employs a loyalty impact points program whereby the loyalty impact points earned are that customer’s impact dollars.

In addition to the managed Welcome Cannabis Art & Environmental Fund, Welcome Cannabis is also committed to engaging and collaborating with artists, craftspeople, environmental stewards and other businesses and organizations.

We are excited to build a network around our principled commitments and execute these collaborative intentions to support our culture and community.

Impact Principles

  1. Environment
  2. Respect
  3. Diversity
  4. Equality

 Arts & Environment Execution

 1. Calls for Collaboration: On-going engagement & collaboration with the arts & environmental community. If inspired, please reach out:

 2. Calls for Submissions for the Welcome Cannabis Art & Environmental Impact Fund: Please stay tuned for the inaugural call for submissions.